Omgivning’s focus is to strengthen urban communities through architecture and interior design, emphasizing the adaptive reuse and revitalization of existing buildings in Los Angeles. We align the goals of the client with the neighborhood’s history, aesthetics, current uses and growth patterns, as well as the building’s particular history, nuances, challenges and opportunities. Omgivning combines this understanding of place with our substantial experience of city requirements and regulations to create spaces that succeed for the client and the community.

Doug Hanson

With over three decades of experience collaborating with some of the world’s leading architects producing major projects in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, HansonLA’s vision is driven by an awareness and application for the cultural, economic and intellectual complexities of the modern world. It is with this pedigree and professional historic reference that HansonLA has become a leading design firm in Los Angeles’ downtown core in the repositioning and renovation of the existing urban fabric and interfacing new development.

Flux Branding

Flux Branding is a savvy, identity-driven creative branding studio that crafts, develops and launches out-of-the-box brands into stardom. Located in the heart of DTLA’s Arts District, Flux specializes in the way a brand is seen, felt and experienced. Like the name implies, Flux facilitates the flow of change, stimulating chain reactions that transform powerful brand positioning into ultimate brand immortality. The catalyst that propels your brand forward, creates exponential impact by igniting passion in everyone.